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Leverage Brim’s partnership to build an online banking platform that serves your customers best.

Who has chosen us

Brim partners with the best in finance

Banks, credit unions, wealthtech, robo advisor, alt-lenders, commercial airlines, and more leverage Brim’s Platform-as-a-Service to deliver their customers a best-in-class credit card and online banking experience.


Become your customer’s favourite financial experience

Optimize your customers experience by accessing their same navigation and configuring through our program admin and support sites. They will thank you later.

The Customer Portal

The Employee Portal

The Business Portal

Vertically Integrated

Our full suite of APIs and turnkey solutions allow partners to create the digital financial experience their customers need.

Build. Embed. Expand.
One Platform, multiple choices

Our full suite of APIs and turnkey solutions allow partners to create the digital financial experience their customers need.

  • Global Digital Onboarding
  • Consumer & Business Product Suite
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing
  • Digital Self-Serve
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Platform Design
  • Insights & Analytics
  • UX & UI
  • Processing & Settlement
  • Payment Rails

Build. Embed. Expand.
One Platform, multiple choices

Brim’s PaaS Technology Offers

A comprehensive, highly configurable & composable ecosystem

Self-Serve Capabilities


Security features

Buy Now Pay Later

Product Upgrade

Change PIN

Account Portal

Budget tools

Add New Card Member

Change Card

Report Card Lost/Stolen

Credit Limit Increase

Digital Cards

Redeem Anywhere

Enterprise Workflows

Enabling your company’s end-to-end with
completely weaved together Enterprise Workflows

  • Agent Portal
  • Credit Risk Portal
  • Branch Portal
  • Marketing Portal
  • Rewards Portal
  • Memo & Action
  • Search Client
  • Verify Client
  • Work Queue
  • Credit Limit Increase
  • Correspondence
  • Onboarding
  • Application Details
  • Service Request

Build the next-generation of online banking with Brim

We offer a fully configurable platform embedded seamlessly into your environment.


Grow efficiently and with peace of
mind knowing that we have the
highest standards of security and
compliance in place.

Speed first

Delivering digital-first solutions
seamlessly, so you can integrate
and innovate faster, launching programs in weeks.


Fully-integrated end-to-end
financial platforms that are
optimized for your digital


Build a solution that has your
brand to ensure customer trust
and loyalty.


Transform your customers’
experience with customizable
merchant, customer, and other


Enables product constructs
with optimized economics, and
high ROI value added features.

Aite-Novarica Group’s 2022 Credit-Cards-as-a-Service: Market Overview and Matrix

The 2022 Impact Report explores key trends within the CCaaS market and how innovation is helping to address new market needs and challenges.

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Brim is your trusted partner

We offer best-in-class security features and have longevity in the market. We are the only financial technology company in North America licensed to issue credit cards.

Let’s build your future banking platform with Brim

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